The work of one geek

People! —

So, yesterday was certainly an interesting day of work.  I’ve been hired to deploy and design a wireless network for residential use.  That tasking is easy, however I am working with a gentlemen who bitches when he has to much on his plate but continues to try to add or be involved.

To make a long story short, I head out with one tech to do a survey off a new tower and sent the other tech to begin work on a design to feed this apartment complex.  I would have to say that about two hours passed as we got lost doing the survey (Nothing new for the panhandle of West Virginia), so we meet up with the tech at the apartment complex.  We find out he had been on the phone for two hours trying to do this install, so I take over and 30 minutes later we are out the door and off to our next install.

Again, the engineer at our office calls and wants to do this/that while we are onsite with a customer.  It certainly isn’t the time or place for these types of conversations, so I blow thru the install completing it in approximately 30 minutes.

So, today’s install are all complete and I finally find out his issue.  When the sectors where installed they were labeled wrong.  My thought, big fucking deal we install the customers and fix the names later.

I was more impressed that I controlled my temper and didn’t come in and bust the poor man across his fat little head.


Hello to All! —


I have over the course of many years tried to do things with my site, however my attention doesn’t seem to stick to long.  So, I figured I would take a stab at this blogging stuff.

I just recently started to work for a Telco/Internet company.  I had worked for them about four years ago, but now I am back with them.  My interest in coming back to work for them was their desire to deploy a wireless residential network in the hills of the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia.  This tasking certainly intrigued me, as the landscape will provide many challenges in its deployment.

Well, that is enough for now.  As I learn some of this new wireless technology I will be posting about the capabilities (perhaps venting as well). Hell, I might even be nice and throw in just some random as bullshit that comes to my mind.

I do hope you come back and visit.